What Type of Jewelry is Acceptable for a Job Interview?

APRIL 29, 2010 | BY MICAH

It is important to select the right clothes for your job interview. Presenting yourself professionally is both expected and necessary to create a positive first impression with your potential employer. The basics of dressing professionally are fairly simple:

  • Wear a suit, nice shirt, and tie.
  • Wear a professional skirt or slacks.

There are small variations to these rules, but in general if you need to dress for a job interview, you should wear professional clothes that are neatly pressed and allow you to appear as the model employee the company hopes you will become.

Dress code for job interviews does not end with these basic rules. One aspect you need to consider is the type of jewelry you wear to the job interview. Job interview jewelry can complement your outfit and improve your appearance, but it can also harm your job interview if you do not select acceptable jewelry.

Acceptable Job Interview Jewelry

  • Wedding ring or a small band.
  • Small, thin necklace.
  • Small, non-religious pendant made of metal, pearls or a muted color.
  • Single bracelet or professional watch.
  • Earrings (studs, small hoops, or dangle earrings that do not draw attention).

You do not want your jewelry to take attention away from your face. Any jewelry that is bright, gaudy, large or odd should be avoided.

Job Interview Jewelry to Avoid

  • Multiple bracelets (multiple bangles, etc.)
  • Large necklaces with equally large pendants.
  • Jewelry with brightly colored stones or large CZ stones.
  • CZ or diamond filled bracelets or watches.

If your jewelry is designed to be noticed it should not be at the job interview. You want the interviewer to look you in the eyes rather than distract them with your jewelry.

Job Interview Dress

The secret about job interviews is that when you have dressed successfully for the interview, your clothes do not play a role in the job interview. It is only when you have dressed poorly for the interview that your clothes affect your interview chances. Choose jewelry that does not draw the attention of your interviewer and you have selected the right types of accessories for your outfit.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Wear jewelry that is muted in color.
  • Do not wear any jewelry that draws the interviewer’s attention.


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