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JUNE 21, 2010 | BY MICAH
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When you apply for a position in management, you can expect a variety of questions designed to assess your ability to lead a large group of people. In fact, of the 10 Most Common Management Interview Questions ,many are behavioral. Those questions are designed to judge your ability to problem solve. Other questions, however, are basic management interview questions that simply want to understand who you are and what you bring to the table.

One of the most common management interview questions is “What is Your Management Style?” It is a simple question that is asked at almost every job interview question. In general, this question is meant to be friendly. Interviewers are curious what your answer is, and whether or not you have an answer at all.

Yet this is also a good opportunity to show that you will be a great manager, by answering this question with a non-answer.

The Best Way to Answer the Question

There are a number of different types of management styles. Have a look at our post:

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You may have your own unique management style as well.

However, when answering this question, it is a good idea to give a “non-answer.” Don’t answer the question directly. Good managers are willing to adapt to different situations, so your answer to this type of interview question should be:

“I do not conform to a specific management style. I try to adjust my style of management to each situation, since part of my job is to assess both the best way to complete the project efficiently and the style of leadership that works best with current staff dynamics.”

If they press you further, then feel free and discuss the management styles you utilize most often, but your first answer to questions about your management techniques should always be that you are willing to change and not stuck with a set technique. You want your interviewer to understand that they are getting someone that isn’t rigid in their beliefs. They are getting someone that is thoughtful and analyzes each unique situation for its properties.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Answer interview questions about management styles with your willingness to adapt your solutions to each scenario.

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