The 7 Best LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

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Best LinkedIn Groups For Job Seekers

Most job seekers have a LinkedIn profile yet most job seekers are still not taking advantage of the many opportunities that LinkedIn provides for finding employment. There are some really useful posts below that will guide you through the basics of how to use linked in as part of your job search process.

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The most commonly forgotten part of LinkedIn has to be the “groups.” Groups can be a very effective tool in your job search process if they are used correctly.

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups for Your Job Search

Specific LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

There are tens of thousands of LinkedIn Groups that you can join. Joining groups has many advantages, including:

  • Keeping you up to date with the industry.
  • Seeing jobs posted to those within the industry you work.
  • Finding and connecting with like-minded people to grow your network.

The best groups to join are those that are specifically about the industry you work in. For example, if you work in marketing, you’ll want to join groups like “Inbound Marketing – For Marketing Professionals” and “Digital Marketing.” If you’re a test engineer, you may want to join groups like “Semiconductor Professional’s Group” and “Test & Measurement World.”

Every industry has its own unique groups, and each one is going to have groups that are better for job seekers. Joining groups related to your industry is the strongest way to improve your ability to find new work, and recruiters are known to look through people that are members of these groups in order to recruit people for the companies they work for.

Broad LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

However, there are also many groups that are the perfect choice for job seekers that are taking a broader approach to their job search efforts, and want to ensure that they are visible to anyone looking for their skillset. The following are the top job seeking groups that you should join, especially if you are just beginning the job search process:

The best job seeking groups are always going to be the ones in your industry, whether it’s marketing, sales, retail, food services, engineering, or what have you. But you should at least be in some of the above sites, and keep an eye out for groups in your industry that may be both interesting and useful for helping you find new career.


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