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5 Things Great Communicators Do Every Day

JANUARY 4, 2017 | BY LIA
Things Great Communicator Do

“Excellent communication skills” is more than a tired cliché people place on their resumes. It’s an actual core competency, often referred to as a soft skill, which helps people significantly in their career. See Also: Top 7 Soft Skills You Need to Get Hired See Also: Top 5 Soft Skills All Managers Must Have Being a[…]
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5 New Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

DECEMBER 12, 2016 | BY LIA
Using LinkedIn For Job Search

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most powerful and most effective tools for finding new careers. Every day you’ll hear stories of professionals being snatched up by recruiters for some of the best local companies in your area. But LinkedIn isn’t some magic portal for getting a job. While many people are able to successfully[…]
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