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9 Recruiter Secrets Every Job Seeker Should Know

DECEMBER 14, 2015 | BY LIA
Recruiter Secrets

You may be new to working with a recruiter but rest assured you are not in any way new to the recruiter. Recruiters have heard it all before, seen it all before and sometimes, that makes it a bit hard for a job candidate to stand out in a recruiters mind…especially in a good way.[…]
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Hair Color and First Impressions at Job Interviews

APRIL 28, 2010 | BY MICAH

Job interviews have somewhat strict dress code. It is expected that you show up wearing suit or professional skirt. You should be clean and smell wonderfully. Your clothes should be pressed and without stains. Part of looking professional requires you to make some sacrifices. One of these sacrifices may be your hair color. It you[…]
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