Question & Answer – Should I Call Back After an Interview?

APRIL 19, 2010 | BY MICAH


I finished my interview today. Should I call them back? If so, when should I call?


Employers love to see applicants take initiative. Part of that initiative involves following up with the employer after an interview. There is one mandatory way to follow up and one optional way to follow up.


These days employers expect to receive at least a thank you letter. Thank you letters should be positive, professional, and contain standard formatting and information. Thank you letters do not have as strict rules as cover letters, but they still have rules.

You can also call the employer after the interview and thank them for their time. Calling the employer makes a much better impression than thank you letters, but there are rules you should follow:

  • You must know the names and titles of those that interviewed you and thank them directly.
  • You must call within the day (or the next morning if your interview was late). Do not call two days later.
  • You should have an additional “reason for calling” so that the conversation is not strictly about thanking them. Perhaps ask them another question if possible.  It helps the conversation be slightly less awkward and gives you an opportunity to leave the phone call fairly easily once they have answered the question.

Calling is not mandatory, but a thank you letter is, and calling in place of a thank you letter may earn you bonus points provided you know how to handle yourself on the phone.


Days have passed and you have not received a call back about the job. You have the opportunity to check in with the employer. Checking in will allow you to show continued interest and potentially help you get an answer from the job so that you can move on.

Ideally you should ask the employer when to expect a response during the job interview. Then if you do not hear from the employer by the date they have provided, give them a call. If you did not ask during the interview, you can ask in your thank you letter. If you do not get a response, 2 weeks is considered the standard amount of time to wait before you follow up. Always follow up with a phone call.

Following Up is Important

Phone calls are a great way to make a lasting impression. They are more personal than thank you letters and fewer applicants take that kind of initiative. You do not need to call immediately after the interview, but you should still send a thank you letter. If you have not heard from the employers for a while and want to check in, a phone call after two weeks (or after they promised they would contact you) is advised.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Always write a thank you letter.
  • Consider following up with the phone if you are a good speaker.
  • Check in after two weeks to see where they are in the hiring process.

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