Q&A – Can Employers Find Out About Jobs Not On the Resume?



“I held a temporary jobs that I kept off my resume since they didn’t have anything to do with the position I was applying for. Can my employer find out?”


When you write your resume, you are provided a limited amount of space to supply the employer with a reason to call you in for a job interview. You need to use that space wisely. If you have a lot of random, meaningless part time jobs in between your jobs that have relevancy to the position, it makes perfect sense to want to keep them off your resume.

Can they find out that you left them off your resume? Yes. Will they care? That’s debatable. Most employers only care that you are not lying on your resume. A huge number of companies do thorough background checks to ensure that the applicant did not lie on their resume. By omitting information, you did not lie. You simply omitted. Employers understand that, because they know you have a limited amount of space on your resume.

Reasons They May Care

That said, it is possible that the employer may find an abundance of jobs disturbing. People that get hired and leave jobs often tend to be less reliable, and this can be a concern to these companies. Similarly, if you held jobs that seem odd for someone in your position, they may question whether or not you are qualified for the role.

In general, however, you can assume that employers are not too concerned with the jobs you do not put on your resume. They are going to be far more concerned with any instances of lying or deceit.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t deceive.

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