Organizational Interview Question: How Do You Keep Track of Your Own Projects?

Project Management

Any job that does not involve multitasking is a job that is going to get really boring, really fast. Could you imagine if you only had to do one thing all day? Terrible.

So, assuming your job is not terrible, you will have many different projects that you need to handle yourself. Rarely will you ever have one job at a time, and if you lose track of what you are supposed to be doing, projects are not going to get finished. See also our post on – How to Show you Can Manage a Project.

How to Answer

As with many questions about how you organize, you simply need to give a real answer that sounds like it will work well, and shows that you have put thought into your organizational processes.

Bad Answer

“I have a list that I keep at my desk.”

Okay, that’s good, but how do you know when to add to the list or what is due and when? You should elaborate more than this.

Good Answer

“I create a spreadsheet on the server that I update with al new projects, and color code with due dates and priority. I also give my managers access to the spreadsheet so that they can see what I am working on and what I have in the pipeline, and give them editing privileges in case they have any projects they would like me to add. Due dates I also place on my Calendar with a 2 day reminder.”

That type of answer shows a lot more thought, and you clearly are organized enough that the employer will have a lot of confidence that you will not lose track of projects.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Give an answer that has a lot of thought and planning.
  • Make sure the interviewer is confident in your organizational abilities.

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