Job Interview Question: What Interests You About This Job?

What Interests You About This Job?

It may seem like a throwaway question, but companies really do want to hire people that are genuinely interested in the job. They want people that explored the position, imagined themselves in the role, and genuinely felt like they could be perfect for the part. Above all else, they want people that have taken the time to consider the position and the company before applying.

That is why you should expect the employer to ask you why you applied, and try to get an understanding of what made you choose this type of job.

Question: What Interests You About the Job?

There are many ways to answer this question, but no matter what, your answer should be something specific to the job. This is where company research comes in.

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Make sure you talk about the company or the job in a way that proves you know what you’re talking about, and – if possible – integrate some part of your skill set that makes the job a good fit for you.

Sample Answer: What Interests You About the Job?

“Most of my career was spent on the technical side of programming, but I have always had a passion for being on the idea end and working with leadership to come up with unique solutions to programmatic issues. When I saw that your company had an IT management position open, and I read more about the company and its culture, I knew it was the perfect fit.”


You can also try to relay a personal story or find a way to integrate more specific examples of the company and your experience. A detailed answer is important, because the company is not going to be excited about hiring someone that simply sent in a resume without much thought.

This is the type of question that you should prepare for, because any position that you get from an application is likely to ask you why you applied, and a strong answer is necessary to impress the interviewer. Make sure you have come up with some good ways to answer this question (and any others like it).

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You can also develop a good answer to this question by looking at the size of the company you are interviewing with. There are different benefits to working for a small company versus a larger companies which can help you develop an answer to this question.

For example, you might say “I love that this role focusses on creative development within a smaller size organisation. This combination allows me to develop my creative skill set and also gain exposure to other critical areas of the business giving me a much more rounded perspective”.

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