Teaching Jobs Interview Information

Information on Teaching Jobs Interview

Teaching jobs are some of the best careers available. You have the opportunity to truly make a difference – both in the outcome of individual students and in educating students who will someday become the leaders of the world.

To become a teacher you need to ace the interview, and since teaching jobs are in high demand, your competition is fierce. You need to do whatever it takes to stand out from the other candidates, using whatever tools at your disposal to sell yourself to the school.

Dress the Part

You want your interviewers to easily see you in a teaching role. One of the best ways to do that is to dress appropriately. Teaching interview dress code is slightly different than the standard interview dress code. You must dress professionally, but it is more important to look professional than it is to look “sharp”.   Men are welcome to wear sweater vests to interviews and women are encouraged to wear more conservative skirts and shoes – whatever it takes to fit the part.

Be Confident

There are hundreds of different types of teaching techniques, and many of them are effective as long as the teacher is engaging and the content is presented in an interesting, engaging way. The interviewers do not want to see doubts in your teaching techniques.

As you describe your philosophy and the process you use to teach, be confident in your ideas. A teacher who appears to doubt their own teaching style is someone who is unlikely to engage the students or utilize a single, working teaching method.

Come Up With Great Questions

Study the campus, review the school’s founding principles, learn about some of the educational programs and come up with excellent questions to ask the interviewer. Asking great questions is vital to your interview success, because they are your opportunity to show that you value learning as much as you enjoy teaching – the key to a truly great teacher.

Sample questions include:

  • How much contact do teachers have with parents, other teachers, and administration?
  • What are some recent changes that the school has undergone to promote learning?
  • How do the standardized test scores rank amongst other schools in the area?

Make Sure You Know the Terminology

Today’s educational system has gone through a number of changes, but it still vastly underfunded, with problems from top to bottom that affect how well students are learning. Schools cannot afford to hire teachers that require several years to learn how to teach correctly. They need educators who are ready now.

It is important that you show your interviewers you know how to teach the classroom, and you are ready to teach from day one. Part of this will be accomplished when you show interviewers your teaching portfolio, but a firm grasp of teaching terminology is important as well, as it allows you to communicate well with your interviewer and fellow teachers.

Teaching job interviews are not the same as interviews for traditional business jobs. They require special skills and preparation that is unique to the position. By using important teaching interview skills, your chance of impressing interviewers is greatly improved.