Sales Jobs

Interview Tips for Sales Jobs

Sales jobs interviews may be the trickiest types of interviews. Sales is a very unique job. Sales requires more personality and with less emphasis on specific academic training. One can be trained on product knowledge, but in general, sales jobs are going to be given to those with the personality it takes to make a sale, because only with a “sales personality” can one truly help a business.

At a job interview, you are selling your skills and knowledge as services to match the employer’s needs.  The employer already has the targeted lead when they decided to interview you.  Otherwise, you would never have gotten beyond the resume stage – but your next step is to show them that you can make sale, and the first sale is yourself.

Showing That Sales Personality

Good sales people exude confidence.  Any hesitation or doubt in your abilities can lead to doubt by the interviewers.

Consider the psychological impact of your words, and utilize sales practices while selling yourself, including such techniques as:

  • Use the 5 senses.
  • Build rapport.
  • Read people and mirror them.
  • Paint the benefits, not features.
  • Be confident.

Your ability to sell yourself to these interviewers relies on your ability to hit a targeted market. All sales jobs rely on this ability, which is why throughout the interview you should do your best to treat yourself like a product you are peddling to anyone that is interested.

Defer to Those Above You

Not all sales interviews are about showing confidence and initiative. You also need to show you can take orders depending on what your sales role will be. If the job is for sales assistant, and you are discussing your comfort with sales tactics, you should always applaud these sales tactics as though the sales manager interviewing you was the one who came up with these great ideas.

At the same time, if the interview is for a management role, it is important to take more initiative and come up with new sales tactics that could benefit the company.

Prepare for the Interview

Before you attend the interview, study the products and services provided by the company. You will need to display competence and knowledge when discussing the product, to show the employer that you understand what it is you will be selling. Do extensive interview preparation by researching the business in its entirety and know its entire product line, to demonstrate that you’re ready to sell.

You Are a Product the Company Wants

At a sales job interview, sell yourself as you would a product. Be so well prepared that you know the entire product line, and use the sales techniques that you will employ at the workplace. You will easily put yourself on the path to success.