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Interview Tips for Marketing Jobs

There are some jobs where knowledge is the most important factor – where the basis for being a good employee is the skills and understanding you have gained throughout your education and work experience. But there are other jobs where personality plays just as strong a role. Marketing jobs are the perfect example of this.

Marketing jobs are all about people. They depend on your ability to recognize behaviors, communicate effectively and associate with those around you. Unlike almost any other profession, marketing jobs require that you have a deeper understanding of people, are exceptional well organised and have the ability to adapt based on changes in the market environment.


The Marketing Interview Showcases Your Talents

With sales and marketing, the success of the interview depends on both your answers AND the way you deliver them. Marketing interview questions will focus on your experience and knowledge and will generally revolve around three basic components:

  • Your ability to showcase a creative personality that understands marketing principles.
  • A clear display of your organisational skills and capabilities.
  • Your ability to sell yourself.

In addition, you must show that you have a good understanding of human behavior, because only by displaying that talent can you succeed in the field.


Marketing Interview Preparation

You need to sell yourself. Your first step towards winning over employers for marketing jobs is going to be about your level of energy. Be ready to talk, and be ready to give yourself a strong presence in the meeting. Marketing is an active, ambitious activity. Companies are going to be looking for team members that display those specific qualities. No amount of knowledge can make up for the ability to communicate confidently and effectively with others.

You should do whatever it takes to prepare yourself to display a high level of energy at the interview. This can include:

  • Going to the gym before the interview
  • Listening to up beat music
  • Wearing your favourite perfume/aftershave
  • Chat to a friend
  • Listen to an inspirational speech
  • Rehearse your answers

Everyone has their own way of pumping themselves up, and you should use those techniques to prepare yourself for your marketing job interview.


Bring Big Marketing Ideas

Marketing is also about ideas. For marketing jobs, you will need to show that you have big ideas and the courage to make sweeping changes. For these jobs, researching the company you are interviewing for becomes even more important, as you will want to use that information to impress the company. See our article – How to Thoroughly Research Any Company

All marketing jobs require new ideas, so your first step should be to see places where the company could change or improve its marketing tactics. If possible, see if you can develop the basics of a marketing plan that will benefit their business. If you can come up with these big ideas, you will actively show that you are a good fit for the job.


Display Leadership

The more senior the role you are applying for, the more you should display leadership during the marketing interview. This involves asking engaging questions, showing confidence in your answers, and keeping the interview focused only on things that improve your chances to land the job. Marketing jobs require leadership, and so your marketing interview should display that leadership.

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Focus On Your Accomplishments

Marketing jobs are also about results. Marketing campaigns are almost always measurable which means you can showcase what you have been able to achieve and what implications your achievements had for the brand and the company. Make sure you spend some time before the interview listing all your marketing campaign accomplishments and selecting the best marketing campaigns you have been involved in to feature as your  interview answers.

If your marketing experience is limited and you do not have many specific answers to showcase  your accomplishments, focus instead on your knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics. The more you know about current marketing strategy, the more you can showcase your own knowledge on current and effective marketing practices, the more you can make up for anything you lack in actual results.


Taking the Time to Prepare

Marketing jobs and interviews are all about who you are and what you can bring. Employers want to see that you have what it takes to make dynamic changes to their marketing strategies, giving the business the best opportunity to succeed. Marketing jobs require that you:

  • Have a deeper understanding of consumers who buy the products and what it takes to drive their sales.
  • Are up to date with the marketing theories that are known to be effective in the industry you’re interviewing for.
  • Can thrive in whatever marketing role they have created for you.

If you can show that using the tips above, you will have done everything you can in your marketing interview and are far more likely to put yourself in a position to get any marketing jobs.

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