Interview Question: Why Do You Want to Work for a Company of This Size?


Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and the size of the company affects a lot of its operation. For example, a company that employs thousands of individuals looks at its employees as individual resources as part of a larger hole. A company that employs just five or 10 employees depends a great deal on every individual to work extremely hard to keep the company alive and prosperous.

How to Answer

Most of the time you will be asked this question by small startup companies. Startups require a great deal of commitment. They cannot generally afford to hire individuals that cannot handle the pressures of the startup environment, and because there are no other employees, you are expected to work as long as it takes to complete your work. You may also have to do roles outside of your job description to make sure the company stays afloat. Still, this question is not that hard to answer.

  • Talk about how you want to commit to a growing company.
  • Talk about how you enjoy the excitement.
  • Talk about how you want a career that utilizes your skills.

No need to go into great specifics.

Bad Answer

“I want to work for a small company like yours because I am tired of the busy-ness of the large corporate environment.”

Answers like this are not going to fly. First of all, they say negative things about larger businesses, which is never a good idea. Secondly, startups are generally more demanding than a large company – or at least, that is the common belief.

Good Answer

“I want to be part of something bigger. I believe in what you do here and know that I have the skills necessary to help bring sustained success and growth the company. Here, these skills will be appreciated, and I know that the work I put in will provide measurable success for the company.”

This is a confident answer that compliments the company and describes a good reason for wanting the tougher work environment – so that you can be a part of something important, even if the actual product the company offers is not.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Compliment the company.
  • Show that you want to be a part of its long term success.
  • Do not talk about the negative parts of larger companies.

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