How to Pull Yourself Up Through a Rough Job Search

FEBRUARY 14, 2017 | BY LIA
Surviving A Difficult Job Search

Very few of us are offered the first job we apply to during our job search period. For most people it is a 6-12 month job search process and it can be hard to stay positive during this time. Even though the job search proecss can be tough the truth is there are always jobs available, and as long as you keep looking you will be able to find one that is right for you. It’s just a matter of keeping your spirits up, optimising your LinkedIn profile and continuously improving your job application process and job interview skills.

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What To Do To Stay Positive During Your Job Search Period

If your job search hasn’t been going well and you’re feeling down about your prospects, here are a few tips you can use to keep your spirits up.

  • Engage Yourself in Freelance/Volunteer Work

If you’re unemployed or underemployed – or if you simply feel like your resume isn’t as strong as you like, consider starting your own business, freelancing, or simply volunteering for an organization nearby. Not only can you earn extra money or experience, but these activities can make your resume even stronger and help you include things you’re lacking.

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  • Continue Your Education

Similarly, you’re going to find that there are some things that you would benefit from learning that will improve your resume and how hireable you are. It will also help you feel like you’re doing something for your employment potential. Consider taking classes, completing programs (even uncertified programs), and learning whatever you can to help improve your employment potential.

  • Network

Meet people, especially if your industry. Get out there and find people that you get to know well enough to add to your LinkedIn account. Don’t necessarily expect these people to give you work, but connect with more people that could someday help you find work, and let growing your network be what helps you find work in the future.

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Active Job Search Behaviour To Hep You Stay Positive

Of course, your behaviour during your job search can help as well:

Strategies like these are likely already part of your job search in some way, adding a few more of them to your job search behaviour will help you stay positive and motivated. If you work on job searching like a business with short and long term goals, you’ll be able to withstand the tedium and keep your spirits higher.

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