How to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn

Promoting Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used social networking tools on the Internet. It is one of the only websites that business professionals can use to link to other business professionals without the unprofessional features of websites like Facebook and MySpace. LinkedIn is single handedly changing the way people network.

Of course, the point of a network is to improve your business opportunities. If you are looking for a job, it is time to put that network into use. How do you utilize your network on LinkedIn in order to find employment?

LinkedIn Job Search Tips

According to an article from the self-proclaimed “LinkedIn Speaker,” you should perform the following actions immediately:

  • Add “Looking” Into Your Headline – This allows your network to know you are interested in finding new employment, so that they can contact you if they believe you have skills that meet their needs.
  • Add a Marketing Phrase to Your Headline – Basically, make your headline something that markets your abilities and grabs attention, rather than some basic like “Graphic Designer.”
  • Participate in the QA – Participate anywhere on LinkedIn and you could potentially find someone that requires your expertise. It is a great way to get yourself noticed by people that have evidence that you understand the subject matter simply because you were able to answer questions effectively.

These are all useful tips. You should also prepare your LinkedIn to read like a resume for the type of job you are hoping to land. Also, don’t be afraid to contact your network about any job opportunities or see about getting an introduction to someone inside a company that may need someone just like you. That is the purpose of having a network – to help you find job opportunities and expand your professional reach. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Change your headline.
  • Answer questions in the QA.
  • Use your network.

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