How To Move From Invisible To Highly Visible On LinkedIn

NOVEMBER 15, 2016 | BY LIA
Invisible to Highly Visible on linkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best tools currently available for finding work. More and more employers are using LinkedIn to find outstanding talent, and more workers are finding that their ideal job is being advertised on the medium.

If you talk to anyone that is active on LinkedIn, you have likely heard stories about being contacted by recruiters from leading companies in your area. In fact, have a look at the 3 Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Job Interview Success.

To be that successful though, you must do more than create a profile. You must be highly visible on LinkedIn. So how did they become a more visible member of LinkedIn? What do people do to help attract lots of professional attention?

Moving From Invisible To Highly Visible On LinkedIn

1. Fill Out Your Entire Profile in Full

Take the time to make sure your entire profile is filled out with every possible detail, until 100% of the profile is completed to ensure you are more visible on LinkedIn. If you have an experience that is relevant to employers, it is worth putting in your LinkedIn profile. In the process, however, remind yourself that a LinkedIn profile is not unlike a resume – put only your best achievements, check spelling and grammar, and consider what will make the most impact with possible employers.

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2. Add Keywords

In addition to filling out your profile, you should also make sure that you have keywords interspersed throughout your profile that are relevant to what employers are looking for in potential employees. These include software you’ve used, phrases that are relevant to the industry you’re hoping to break into, and more. LinkedIn acts like a search engine, and the best way to target a search engine and become more visible on LinkedIn is with keywords.

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3. Be Active

Posting often, commenting on the articles of others, staying active in groups, and other activities can all help you become more visible on LinkedIn and make sure that your name is out there for others to see. Your activity should also be thoughtful, and prove you understand the field. The reason activity is beneficial is because employers can see that you’re active, and those that are active in their field are more likely to be dedicated employees.

4. Join Groups

Recruiters will sometimes search industry groups to see who is interested in their activity, and they’ll see if you’re in industry groups in order to see how committed you are to the field. Joining groups also gives you yet another place that you can be highly visible and active and get your name out there, giving you additional benefits.

5. Grow Your Network

Of course, the simplest way to make sure you are more visible in LinkedIn is to grow your network. Add those that you’ve done business with, those that you know from high school, and more. You should also make sure that you give each and every one of them a personal message, so that they feel good about you as a person and are willing to speak highly of you to their own employers.

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6. Create a Visible Profile

The more visible your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you’ll be contacted by recruiters looking for people just like you. Take the time to update your LinkedIn, and you’ll quickly see positive results.


LinkedIn is a very important and helpful job search tool if it is set up and used correctly. By following the steps above you can change your LinkedIn profile from invisible to highly visible to employers and recruiters.

You also need to avoid common mistakes and use all the LinkedIn tools available to ensure recruiters notice you and approach you.

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