How to Find Your Dream Job With LinkedIn Search

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Using LinkedIn Search To Find Your Dream Job

LinkedIn is a great place to find job opportunities. More and more companies are advertising jobs ONLY on LinkedIn, because the assumption is that people searching for jobs on LinkedIn are professionals that understand the job market, compared to those that only look at job boards and other non-specific websites. If you’re looking for your dream job, you should be on LinkedIn.

But how do you find that perfect job on LinkedIn? The following are several strategies to keep in mind with your search.

Dream Job Search Tips on LinkedIn

Be Open to Small Companies

Many people look straight at the big name companies, but the smaller startups that have a respectable job title may be ideal for a “dream job.” The big companies may have openings, but they also often have more competition and stricter rules that may make it less fulfilling.

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Find Your Companies

Do research on the companies that have the best cultures and environments, and then look at those specific companies to see if they have any openings. This way you can find a job with an employer that you already know you want to work for, rather than finding the job first and determining if you like the employer second.

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Write Your Profile to the Role

If you want to get your dream job, you also need to have a profile that deserves that job. Don’t focus on the broad experiences that you’ve had. Write your profile, from scratch, with your dream job’s hiring managers in mind.

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Your Dream Job is a Few Clicks Away

LinkedIn more than a search engine. It is online professional networking at its finest. There are so may stories of people finding their perfect dream job thanks to LinkedIn. But finding that job is not as simple as applying to jobs as you would usually. It takes a lot of active job seeking, the openness to change your strategy, and a better idea of what you want from a job to make it truly your “dream.”

Those willing to put in the work are the ones that are most likely to get rewarded. If you are trying to find your dream job using LinkedIn, the posts below will definitely help you.

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