How To Figure Out If A Company Is Right For Your Career

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No matter how desperate you are to move onto a new job, you still need to consider your future. Taking a job that is not right for you just because you need the money or because you want a change of pace may seem like a good idea, but finding jobs is hard, so it is definitely in your best interest to find a company 0that you will be happy to work for.

Company research is critical! You want to make sure that you’re agreeing to work with a company that matches who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to grow. That means that you’ll have to take time to ensure that the company is the right choice for your career.

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What to Look For in the Company

Ultimately, the final decision is going to be based on how you feel. Do you feel excited to work there? Are you genuinely intrigued by their potential as an employer? Have you seen or heard anything that feels like a red flag?

In the process, however, it helps to do your research. Consider looking at the following to learn more about the employer and the opportunity:

  • Check LinkedIn for Growth

You want to make sure the company you join has the potential for you to grow and learn.  A good idea is to look at all of the companies employees you can find on LinkedIn and see if there are any clues about the companies structure. For example, if you’re taking a job as an assistant engineer, and you see a lot of people working in jobs such as “Associate Engineer,” “Senior Associate Engineer,” “Senior Engineer,” etc., it implies that there is a future for you. You can also see how long other employees have been working for the company, and the kind of achievements they’ve put on their own LinkedIn accounts.

  • See Reviews on Websites like Glassdoor

Websites like are not perfect but can still be helpful. Small businesses, for example, may have only one or two reviews that may not be indicative of the company as a whole. Established businesses however may have lots of reviews, and these reviews can give you some insight into what to expect from the company. For retail jobs and restaurants, look at Yelp and other review sites to see what customers are saying.

  • Review their PR and Potential

Search the web for articles and news about the company, and try to get an idea of what the press and the industry thinks of their products and services. This can help you learn if the company will be around a while and how successful they are, as well as the likelihood that they remain competitive in the years to come.

  • Learn Their Company Culture

Any job you take has to be one you’re willing to keep for at least 2 years. Having at least two years of any job on your resume is important for growing professionally, and that means learning about company culture and making sure it is a place you’re going to enjoy working.

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It also always helps to look at things like pay, benefits, and vacation time if you can find it, and make sure that you’re going to be able to get the salary you want so that you’re not immediately looking for work once you’re hired.

Find the Job You Want to Keep

Researching the company is a great way to make sure that you’re not just taking any job. You’re taking a job that is right for you – your goals, your growth potential, your resume, and more. One bad job can throw off your professional goals and plans, but a good job has the potential to get you to where you need to be.

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