How to Check Your Resume is Mobile Friendly

JANUARY 11, 2016 | BY LIA
Mobile Friendly Resumes

Recruiters are just like the rest of the population. They are incredibly busy, have too much to do, and will try and get some stuff done on their mobile device if they can. Since you have no way of knowing if they will review your resume on their desktop or their mobile phone you really need to make sure your resume is optimised for every mobile device just in case.

People have much less patience when reading on a mobile device so make sure you do not give the recruiter any reason to toss out your resume. Grab a copy of your resume and check all the points below are covered off.


  • Easy to Open & Download

The first thing you need to do is make sure the recruiter can actually open your resume on their mobile device. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be for a recruiter to have to wait while your resume slowly loads? The best way to ensure your resume is easy to download is to:

Use a basic font

Remove images, graphics and extra colours

Remove any complex formatting and use different font size to make elements stand out

  • Easy to Read

Once your resume is opened, the next thing you need to do is make sure it is easy to read. Think about a persons basic reading behaviour, people scroll down vertically as they read so make sure your resume is in a ‘single’ column format. You must also stick to basic fonts and remove unnecessary images, colours and graphics. Check that your resume uses:

Mobile friendly fonts such as Ariel, Times new Roman, Verdana or Tahoma

Font size should be 12 pt

Use a white background and either black or navy for the text

  • Includes Relevant links

Many recruiters will casually scan your resume on their mobile first and then decide if you are worth a closer look. If your resume is mobile friendly and your skills are relevant they will want to take a closer look at you. To make this as easy as possible for them make sure you:

Include links to any online version of your resume

Hyperlink your phone number, email address and LinkedIn address so they can contact you quickly and easily

  • Easy to Skim Read

Think of your mobile resume as a newspaper article about you. The first third of the article is the attention grabber, it will determine if the rest of the article is worth looking at. To make sure your resume grabs a recruiters attention and is easy to digest make sure you:

Include your best qualifications and skills up front in the first third of the page

Keep every sentence short and sharp and remove unnecessary words

Use bullet points with around 7-10 words per point


And finally, once all the points above have been included in your resume, make sure you check it on every mobile device you can. This includes mobile phones, tablets etc..

Save your resume as a PDF file then send it, open it, read it, forward it and share it on every Apple and Android devices you can get your hands on to make sure it functions as it should.


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