How Job Recruiters Screen You on LinkedIn

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Recruiters Screening LinkedIn profile updates

Anyone looking for a job has to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become one of the most common paths that job seekers use to find open positions and attract potential recruiters to their profiles. It has become such an important part of the job search process that many job applicants include their LinkedIn profile link on their resumes.

For those looking for a job, the dream is that they are contacted by a recruiter looking for someone just like them, and that they are offered a high paying job on the spot because of their experience and talents.

Attracting Recruiters on LinkedIn

This does happen. In fact, there are numerous success stories of LinkedIn turning to high paying work, with better job offers from amazing companies that are a huge upgrade over what you’ve had in the past. But how do they find you? And, perhaps more importantly, how do they decide that you’re worth contacting over other people that could also be ideal for the position?


Recruiters find potential employees on LinkedIn in three ways:

They Do a Keyword Search

This is why filling out your LinkedIn profile is important. The more details you have the better. You must aim to be specific about your experiences by integrating potential keywords throughout your completed profile. This will make it much more likely you will show up in search.

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They Look at Titles/Past Employers

They may also look for people that worked for their competitors or other well known employers. It’s not uncommon for recruiters to look at job titles, searching for people that have held a similar title in the past.

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They May Look at Your Interactions

If you’re in groups or in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn, they may see your answers and comments and then decide that you’re an expert that they’d like to have in their own workplace.

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However, recruiter screening on LinkedIn doesn’t stop when they’ve seen your profile. Most quality recruiters will also look for more information about you to determine if you’re a good fit for the job. They may look at information such as:

You LinkedIn Recommendations

Recruiters look at recommendations to see who is recommending you and what they say about you.

Your LinkedIn Network

Recruiters look at both the size of your network and who is in your network. Many recruiters see a full network as a sign of strength as an employee, and they look for people that may be working at the jobs that they’re recruiting for to see if you’d have a connection there.

How Up to Date Are You On LinkedIn

Recruiters will also look to see if your profile is up to date and that there is evidence that you are updating it constantly with new information. Those that are more active on LinkedIn are also those that understand how to work in a professional field. There is a connection between those that try hard on LinkedIn and those that are great employees.

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Similarly, recruiters may try to look at your LinkedIn profile much like they would any type of resume, and try to find out important information such as if there is upward mobility in your history, if you’ve had any long breaks in employment, and more.

The best recruiters on LinkedIn will look at nearly any information they can find, and use whatever they can to determine if you are going to be a good applicant.


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