Difficult Interview Question: What Would You Most Like to Improve About Yourself?

MAY 23, 2011 | BY MICAH

Questions about an applicant’s weaknesses are extremely common in job interviews. They are so common that they play a role at almost every interview in some form. Yet they may be asked in different ways, and when they are asked in different ways, you can answer them differently.

How to Answer

Improving yourself does not just have to be about biggest weaknesses. It can. It easily can. So if you want, you can provide a biggest weakness answer and you will ace the question. However, you are being asked about where you would like to improve, not what you are worst at. So you may also want to give an answer about how you would like to improve many things (even if they are not negative), as evidenced below.

Bad Answer

“I wish I was a better bowler. Spinning that ball down the lane. Oh man, that’s sweet right there. Sweet.”

Good Answer

“I would like to improve in every facet of my life. No matter how much I may excel at a particular skill or task, I believe I can always get better, and would like an opportunity to gain new experiences that will help me become better at anything I undertake. Does your company offer any extended training courses that I can take advantage of?”

Here you turn it around on the interviewer, making it a question about what they offer rather than a question of what you are bad at. Remember, a standard “biggest weakness” answer as described multiple times on this and other websites is an acceptable answer, but you may also use an answer like the one above if you like.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • “Biggest Weakness” answers are fine (weaknesses should not be too bad)
  • You can also turn it around on the interviewer.

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