Difficult Interview Question – What Types of People Do You Find it Hard to Get Along With?


No two people are alike. When you walk into the workplace for the first time, you are going to be surrounded by individuals with all different types of personalities. Some of them are going to be amazing people. Others are going to be boring. Still others are going to be nothing short of infuriating. There is no way you will like everyone, because as hard as most businesses try to hire likeminded individuals, no two people have the same mind.

You’re going to dislike some people, and barely tolerate others. So employers are going to ask “what types of people do you find it difficult to get along with?” with the hopes that you will feel so strongly about this answer that you will start complaining about the types of people you disagree with.

Bad Answer

“I don’t like whiners. People that complain constantly about life around them get on my nerves. People need to learn to take responsibility for their lives. If they’re not happy with something, go out and find a new path.”

No one likes whiners. This seems like a good answer. However, do you see what you are doing with an answer like this? You are whining. You are complaining about people without them around to defend themselves. Remember, the rule about job interviews is that you make an effort not to complain about anything, ever.

Good Answer

“On a personal level, I enjoy all types of people. On a professional level, I have respect for all individuals that work hard and maintain a professional work environment. Provided both of those are met, I will always get along with my coworkers without any personal disagreement.”

You are still answering the question. Yet rather than complaining, you are actually talking about all of the individuals that you enjoy working with, and implying the individuals that you prefer not to work with. This makes you appear positive and friendly, as someone that likes the vast majority of all people. This is a much better way to answer this type of difficult question.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Always remain positive.
  • Focus only on the people you disagree with professionally.
  • Discuss what you like to see in people, implying what you don’t like to see.


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