Common Interview Question – What Do You Bring to the Company?


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Oh, you mean professionally? Well, let’s see. Every day I bring a suitcase. I bring hefty stretch pants to hold up my obvious portliness. I also bring my smile. Really, who couldn’t use a good smile every day? No one, that’s who.

Interview questions like “What do you bring to the company” may seem somewhat terrifying, but they are actually the best possible questions you can be asked. Provided, of course, you have prepared a good answer.

How to Answer

This is your opportunity to shine. Give your employer all of the reasons you are perfect for the job. This is not a time for you to be coy, or to play around with clichés that don’t bring actual substance. As an applicant that prepared for their job interview, this is your best chance to tell the employer all of the reasons they would be lucky to have you.

Bad Answer

“I’m a go getter. I bring a positive attitude and the ability to learn. I will always do my best and I am totally dependable. I start the day with boundless enemy and I am always ready to give it my all, meeting or beating all expectations.”

Good Answer

“As a recent graduate, I have the youth, intelligence and energy necessary to dedicate to the company. I spent 2 years interning with SalesTech, honing my skills in technological innovation. During that time I worked part time with the Clevername Corporation, where I helped launch the SoftWhere GPS upgrade for the iPhone – a program that has since taken over as the #1 imaginary GPS application in the world…”

As you can see, this answer is much better, and it still directly answers the question. What do you bring? You bring all of these experiences if you are hired. That is the best way to answer the question and that is why as long as you plan your answer ahead of time, you should be excited about the idea of being asked this difficult interview question.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Use this interview question as an opportunity to provide your best information.

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