Common Interview Question – What Did You Like Most About Your Last Job?

MARCH 16, 2011 | BY MICAH

There are a number of interview questions that are hard to mess up. As long as you give an answer that isn’t astoundingly stupid, you are going to get a “pass” for the question and the interviewer will move on.

The problem is that answering interview questions is not just about “passing.” Your goal is to stand out against other candidates. You want to be the best, not just “fine.” So when you are asked relatively simple interview questions, such as “What did you like most about your last job,” you want to take advantage of this easy question and provide and answer that will put you ahead of the other candidates.

How to Answer

Good answers will include the following:

  • They will speak highly to your work ethic.
  • They are related to what you can expect from the company you are interviewing with.
  • They show that you have thought about this answer and have good self-awareness.

The more the interviewer can think to themselves “oh good, we have that here too” the more you improve your chances of getting the job.

Bad Answer

“My favorite part of my last job had to be the hours. 9 to 6 was the perfect schedule for me, and I enjoyed the 1 hour lunch, which we would often do as a group.”

Okay, that’s fine. You probably pass the question. Yet this doesn’t make the interviewer want to hire you any more than they did previously. This is simply an answer.

Good Answer

“What I most appreciated about my last job was the dedication to internal growth. They offered options for continuing education that helped improve my abilities to function within the company. It is one of the things that attracted me to this job, since your company also offers training to internal candidates in order to help them take on increased responsibilities.”

Here, you show that you are a dedicated employee devoted to improving yourself, and you tie it in directly with something the company has, so that they know that you put thought into both what you liked at your last job and what you are looking for in your next one.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Choose something that is applicable to the job you are interviewing for.
  • Make sure it also reflects well on you as a candidate.

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