Common Interview Question: Is There Anything Else I Should Ask You?


One of the hardest parts of the interview is integrating all of the achievements, abilities, and accomplishments you have prepared into your answers. You never know what an interviewer will asks, and you may have a winning answer to a question that the interviewer never brings up.

That is why “Is there anything else I should ask you” is quite possibly the best question you can be asked at an interview. It is the interview equivalent of an Alley-Oop to LeBron James – you could not be more set up for the basket.

How to Answer

When there is something that hasn’t been asked, ask it for yourself and answer it. It is also a good idea to reference the company research you did before the interview, such as “the title calls for someone that has experience with X. Not only have I had experience with X, but …” That shows that you took the time to research the position, and you get an opportunity to share that amazing achievement you wanted to share.

Bad Answer

“No. It’s all good.”

If you really don’t have anything else to share, use this as an opportunity to ask more questions about the company. Don’t just say “no.” It’s too boring an answer. You can say “Not at the moment but I had a few more questions for you” and then ask some questions. Also, if you have something you want to share about yourself, don’t say no, since you will never have a better opportunity to share it.

Good Answer

“You mention early in the interview that you are looking for someone with leadership experience. I supervised the fundraising drive for a local charity, overseeing a volunteer staff of 45 while organizing the venue and procuring the items. I also….”

You may not get another opportunity to share these important qualifications, so if you are asked if there are any additional questions the interviewer should have asked you, your answer should be a resounding “yes.”

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Take advantage of this question.
  • Don’t be shy.
  • If you have nothing to share, ask some questions of your own.

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