Can I Text Message the Interviewer a Thank You or Add Them as a Friend on Facebook?

AUGUST 13, 2010 | BY MICAH

Technology is a wonderful thing. Computers allow you to perform complicated actions at a moment’s notice. Mp3 players allow you to listen to an unlimited amount of music on the go. If you want to teleport to another dimension, there’s probably an app for that.

However, the one problem with technology is that those that use it often mistakenly believe that everyone deems every aspect of it acceptable. That is not the case, and one of the main places you will see technology rear its ugly head is during a job interview.

Don’t Overuse Technology

Current college seniors have had the Internet, cell phones, and various high tech pieces of technology throughout the majority of their lives. They have been inexpensive and publicly accessible since these seniors were old enough to use it. It is part of their culture – a culture that doesn’t remember when the only computer colors were grayish sepia and white, and when using an ink printer involved a loud screeching noise and 20 minutes of your life per page.

If you are a recent graduate that has completed a job interview, it is important to remember that just because a technology is widely used, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Here are some examples of real things applicants have done after job interviews:

  • Added their Interviewers on Facebook – Some young workers have thought it was appropriate to add those they met at the interview on Facebook immediately after the interview was over. Don’t. You are not “friends” and your interviewer does not want to see a tagged photo of you giving the finger and smoking from a Hookah.
  • Text Messaging a Thank You – Believe it or not, some applicants believed it was appropriate to text message their thank you to the interviewers. “Thx 4 the Ntrvu” is going to guarantee you don’t get a call back.

Text messaging and social media are all great tools, but they are great tools for your personal life, not your corporate life. You can fill your personal life with as much technology as you please. At the job interview, only use traditional methods.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Don’t text message your interviewers.
  • Don’t add your interviewers on Facebook.
  • Don’t overuse technology.

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