Are Job Search Websites Obsolete?

JANUARY 30, 2017 | BY LIA
Job Search Website Review

It was not long ago that the first thing you would do when you were looking for a job was log into,, Craigslist, or some other type of job search site and look for jobs that were right for you. For years, this was the most effective, most common way that people would find jobs – using job search sites that were made for posting careers.

But times are changing. Job search sites are no longer the only way to try to find work. As time’s gone on, there are now other alternatives that are often better than job search sites, and should be the first places you go to search for a new role.

What’s Replacing Job Search Sites?

Ask any hiring manager where they found their great employees, and it’s unlikely they will say that they found them on these job search sites. Instead, they are likely to say the following:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the premier place for finding work, and most recruiters use it as their first choice for accepting applications. Most jobs are listed on LinkedIn, and many active recruiters are on there as well.

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2. Company Website

Most businesses want to find people that genuinely want them as an employer. That means that they occasionally advertise jobs only on their website, so that they can find people that were already interested in their company.

3. Networking

It is said that 80% of jobs are never listed online. That number may be a bit high, but there is no denying that most people get jobs through means other than applying – from recommendations, meeting people and networking at events, and so much more. The best way to get work is always going to be about your connections with other people.

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These are the methods that more and more companies are using almost exclusively to find employees. Why? Because jobs on job search sites often attract hundreds to thousands of unqualified applicants, and provide no additional details about the applicant. The examples above either avoid that problem, or provide more information (such as applying to jobs on LinkedIn, where your profile provides more info than a resume alone).

Should You Skip the Job Search Sites?

That said, as long as companies still use job search sites, there is still reason to search them. If a job is advertised there that you want, then the best way to get it is to apply, regardless of where you found it. But the point of this is to understand that if you’re limiting yourself to job search sites, then you’re limiting yourself to maybe 5% of all jobs. There are other places that people are advertising work, and it is in your best interests to use them.



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