9 Recruiter Secrets Every Job Seeker Should Know

DECEMBER 14, 2015 | BY LIA
Recruiter Secrets

You may be new to working with a recruiter but rest assured you are not in any way new to the recruiter. Recruiters have heard it all before, seen it all before and sometimes, that makes it a bit hard for a job candidate to stand out in a recruiters mind…especially in a good way.

To stand out and get a job recruiter to work well with you, you need to be aware of what is going on in the recruiters world.


9 Recruiter Secrets Every Job Seeker Should Know

  • 1.They will use resume screening software

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes each week and will often use resume screening software to conduct the first round review of all resumer received. Make sure you are well aware of how resume screening software works and how to structure your resume to make sure it gets through the first round.

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  • 2. They will check all your social assets

Make sure the information you have provided in your resume is consistent with the information available on your social profile especially on LinkedIn. Clean up any unattractive photos, comments, posts etc before you contact any recruiter. They will check all you available social assets.

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  • 3. The have an unofficial blacklist you do not want to be on

Recruiters, like any other profession form opinions about people based on first impressions as well as written and oral communications. As a general rule two types of people annoy recruiters and find themselves on the blacklist, stalkers and those who drop out of interviews at the last minute. Whilst staying in regular contact with a recruiter is recommended, do not overdo it and become a stalker. Similar;y if a recruiter has worked hard to set up an interview for you, make sure you show up even if it is not exactly what you want. Think of it as a great practise session.

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  • 4. They will ask you who else you are interviewing with

Recruiters are constantly looking at ways to increase the number of job posts they need to fill. They will ask you which other companies you are interviewing with not so that they better understand your needs, they ask so they can contact these companies and see if they can pick up the job opening. You are better off keeping this sort of information to yourself.

  • 5. They will ask you if you know anyone else looking for a job

As with the point above recruiters are measured on the positions they fill so the more qualified candidates they are aware of the better. Keep this kind of information to yourself.

  • 6. They will tell you it’s best to work with only one recruiter

Off course they will because that is in their best interests. If you accept another role with another recruiter they miss out on their commission fee. That said working wit h too many recruiters os counter productive too. Select 2-3 you feel comfortable with and work hard on building a relationship with each one.

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  • 7. The client is more important to the recruiter than you

As much as you want to believe you are special the truth is that the client is more important to the recruiter than the job candidate. The client decides who will be given the role and therefore determines if the recruiter will be paid. Work hard to develop a good relationship with the recruiter to ensure you are on theor radar even if you are not their top priority.

  • 8. Recruiters know more about the employer than they are telling you

Recruiters generally have a long standing relationship with the employer. They know them personally, know what kinds of people they prefer to work with and know exactly what skills are most important to the employer. Recruiters are not necessarily going to share all that information with you up front. Make sure you ask key questions like…what specific skills are most important to employer x. The worst thing they can do is say they don’t know.

  • 9. Recruiters are measured by number of people placed not quality of placement

Recruiters are not measured by the quality of the placement, they are measured by the number of placements so it is in their best interests to fill lots of roles quickly. Make sure everything about you from your resume, social profile etc…are clear and concise making you an easy placement for the recruiter.


Keep these 9 recruiter secrets in mind and remember that you need to put in some time and effort to develop a good relationship with the recruiters you are working with. See our networking tips for advice on how to cultivate these relationships.

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