8 Reasons to Build Your Personal Website ASAP

Reasons To Build A Personal Website

Personal websites are quickly becoming a popular way for job seekers to improve their chances of landing a job. Any time you apply for a job, a good hiring manager is going to do their research, looking for all of the information they can about you before deciding if you are someone they want to hire.

Personal websites have many benefits that make it more likely that these hiring managers will call you, and if you are looking for a job, it may be in your best interests to create a personal website to showcase your skills and experiences.

How Do I Even Start To Create A Personal Brand?

A personal brand website is not something you can just sit and create in one afternoon. You need to think about your own personal image and determine what aspects you will choose to showcase.

The 4 Step Guide To Building A Personal Brand

8 Benefits of Creating a Personal Website

1.Sharing More Information

Resumes and cover letters are limited in the amount of information they can share about you. Personal websites give you a chance to share much more information, as well as link to examples of your best work.

2. Building Trust

The more time a hiring manager spends reading about you, the more trust they develop in your abilities. Personal websites give them much more to read, so that you are better able to “brand” yourself with the recruiter.

3. Showcasing Commitment

Personal websites show that you are committed to the industry, because hiring managers can see that you’re committed enough to create a website all about your work in that industry.

4. Hard Worker

Hiring managers see personal websites as a great sign that you’ll be a hard worker. They see the fact that you were willing to take time to create a personal website as a positive quality, and one that shows you’re willing to put in extra work to reach your goals.

5. Extensive Web Presence

When someone searches for you right now, what do they find? Your Facebook page? Your Twitter? Nothing? A personal website written for your career gives them something professional to find, and helps take over Google searches for your name.

6. Possible Active Recruitment

Impressive personal websites can, sometimes, attract recruiters that are looking for someone that fits your skill set. Though not highly common, a well marketed site may attract job offers on their own, which is great for finding a new job.

7. Puts You in Control

Not everything in search engines is in your control. While you may be able to update your LinkedIn or Facebook, other information is often not in your control, such as when your name shows up tagged on an Instagram post. This gives you one more item that you control, to help you make sure the hiring manager sees what you want them to see.

8. Appearance of Value

A high quality web design provides the same benefits for you as it does for a business. It brands you as something of value. While the website must be well crafted and professionally written, that value means that a hiring manager will see you as someone they want, not just someone that applied for the job.


There are rules for creating these sites, such as the importance of targeting your website to the industry you want, and for making sure that it looks and feels professionally created. But a personal site is a great way to make an immediate impact, and if you’re job seeking you should consider creating a site right now.

If you are thinking about creating your own personal brand website, there are lots of great software options most of which are free. The posts below list all those free options:

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The 4 Step Guide To Building A Personal Brand


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