7 Tips for Internal Interview Success

JUNE 16, 2011 | BY MICAH

Congratulations. The company in which you have dedicated your time and effort has decided that you rock its socks, and has decided to offer you another position within the company – presumably a better position with either better pay or better responsibilities. That means you are doing something right, and the work you have put in is paying off.

Of course, like with any job, you need to interview for the position. They still need to know that you are ready for the job, especially if you are part of a larger company and the job is in a department that has had little experience working with you. So here are several tips for improving your internal interview chances.

Internal Interview Tips

  • Dress Like Any Other Job Interview

It doesn’t matter if they have been pretty lax at work recently with dress code. If you are going to an internal interview, you should dress like you would to any other job interview. Don’t let your outfit play a role in your chances.

  • Keep Topics On Current Job

If possible, you want to keep the interview focused on your current job. You may have had other employers in the past, but you know without a doubt that this company likes you, so try to keep your answers focused on this company.

  • Utilize Your Performance Reviews

It can be assumed that you have above average performance reviews, otherwise you would probably not be in line for a new position. So use them. Bring copies to your job interview and remind the interviewer why you deserve the job.

  • Fill in the Blanks

You are in a unique position – you can ask other employees what they know about the job, and use what you learn to show the interviewer that you have the skills needed to fill that role. You may even be able to interview the previous occupant if they are still employed, and even get their recommendation if they are leaving on good terms.

  • Brag About Your Accomplishments

While you should not be arrogant, there is no reason to hold back about how you have helped the company succeed. You have, and they know it, so you should talk about it. Showcase yourself. Prove your worth.

  • Send a Thank You Note

We know you work there, but that is no excuse to treat the interview any differently than an external candidate. Send a thank you note to the interviewer at the end of the interview.

  • Drop Names

You know the people in the department pretty well. It is okay to use a few names once in a while to remind the interviewer that you have been around and know the people that work there.

Internal Interview Thoughts

If you are attending an internal job interview, there is a good chance the company likes you. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have a chance at the position. Showcase your skill and remind the company why they like you, but also treat the interview like you would any other interview. Also, if you do not get the job, don’t give up hope – a good interview will put you in line for other internal job opportunities in the future.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Internal interviews are still job interviews.
  • Remind the company why you have earned the role.

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