6 Things You Should Never Tell A Recruiter

Things You Should Never Tell A Recruiter

A recruiter is a professional who works for the employer, they are not working for you, nor are they your new best friend or therapist. It’s amazing how many job candidates forget these basic facts when they go into a job interview with a recruiter.

Recruiters are really good at making job candidate feel comfortable enough to open up and be honest with them, but as a job candidate you must always remember to keep it professional. The recruiters goal is to identify the best potential candidates and present them to the employer, so if you do not present yourself as an outstanding candidate for the role you won’t be put forward for an interview.

Considering this, there are things you should never say to a recruiter because they will make you look unprofessional or not appear perfect for the role.

6 Things You Should Never Tell A Recruiter

I’m Desperate

No matter what you do, never tell a recruiter how desperate you are to get the job. Phrases like “I’ll take anything, I’m desperate for this job, I need the money…etc” all lower your potential value. The recruiter will see that you do not truly care about the role itself, but will take anything that comes along. They are looking for someone who wants that particular role not just any role.

Being desperate also lowers your negotiation power.  Never tell a recruiter you are desperate for the role or for the money, they will not think you are motivated they will think they can offer you a lower salary.

This Is Just A Short term Thing

Recruiters will not present employers with candidates who are just killing time between roles or who plan to leave in the short term. It makes them look like they did not do a good job of screening the candidates. Even if you do not plan to stay very long with the company, never tell a recruiter it is simply a short term thing. It shows a lack of commitment and you will never be put forward for an interview.

I Hate My Job/Boss

An interview with a job recruiter is not a therapy session for you. This is not the forum to talk about how much you hate your current or past job or how horrible your boss is to you. You might think it will make you look motivated  to move on but it just makes you look petty and unprofessional and you will never make it past the recruiter with that approach. The world is also really small, you don’t know who knows who, so just to be safe never criticise your past employer to a recruiter.

The Employer Was An Idiot

If the recruiter sends you to an interview with the employer, never come back and criticise the person who interviewed you. It is easy to do, especially if you feel they did not give you a fair chance but the fact is they are in partnership with the recruiter, the recruiter is not in partnership with you. Be professional, ask if the employer had any concerns you could address, ask what you could improve on next time. Learn from the experience and appear professional even if the employer was a complete idiot.

I’m Also Interviewing With….

The recruiter does not need to know who else you have job interviews with or if you are working with other recruiters. If they ask you who else you are interviewing with (and they probably will) be firm and polite and say something like – Yes I am interviewing with several other companies at the moment but I feel it is unprofessional to discuss that here. I’m sure your client will appreciate it when I extent them the same courtesy in other interviews.

My Lowest Acceptable Salary Is….

Never tell a recruiter the lowest salary you are prepared to accept because you can bet that will be the number the employer will come back with. The recruiters job is to find the right candidate for the role and help the employer get the best deal they can. In order for you to not price yourself out of the running, make sure you thoroughly research salary rates for your industry before the job interview and always give the recruiter an acceptable salary range.

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A recruiter can be a great asset to you during your job search proecss but as you can see there are several things you should never say to a recruiter because they will make you look unprofessional and not committed to the role on offer. In addition to the points above, you should also be careful not to appear to arrogant, never lie and off course do not show up late.


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