6 Free Personality Tests That’ll Help You Choose A Career

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Personality Tests To Help Choose A Career

Choosing the right career for you is hard at any point in your life. Very few people know exactly what they want to do in high school and college, and while some people figure out what they want to do as they years go by, others find that even years later they still aren’t entirely sure exactly what they want to do in life.

In the end, only you are going to know exactly what career is best for you, and it helps to have a little inspiration. One of the tools that many people find useful are online personality tests – tests that gauge your personality in order to learn more about you, and then match you to careers that these tests think you may enjoy.

The Personality Tests You Can Use or Try for Free

Some of these personality tests come with a cost. Perhaps the most famous, the Myers Briggs Test, costs $90 and assess your personality but doesn’t match you to careers. Luckily, there are several free career tests that you can take which you can use as inspiration to see if a job idea is right for you.

Keep in mind, no test is going to be a guarantee of happiness, but the results of these tests can provide excellent inspiration for determining your own career path.

  • MAPP Career Test – There is a paid portion, but you get 5 careers for free to help you start your job search, and it is one of the most popular tests online.
  • MyPlan – A career assessment test that is free and simple. Its greatest benefit may be that it gives you all 739 careers in order of what they think matches you best, so you can see your best and your worst jobs (and explore 739 total jobs for inspiration).
  • Holland Code Career Test – Free career assessment that looks at what you like and don’t like to try to match you to a career. For some, the questions may also give you ideas of what you can apply for.
  • My Next Move – A so-called “interest profile” that, as the name implies, is designed to help you find your next move and determine where your interests really are.
  • Minnesota State Career Clusters – One of the only tests created by a college, this test gives you career clusters based on your interests, school choices, and more.
  • Sokanu – A large, free career test that takes about 20 minutes to complete and uses who you are and the models of various careers to find you a career.

Any one of these career tests can be an interesting start to helping you find a new job. Not every answer will be perfect, but they can all provide you some ideas to help guide your future choices.

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