5 Types of Background Checks

APRIL 14, 2011 | BY MICAH

Background checks come in… well, probably one shape and size (8.5 x 11). However, there is more than one kind of background check that may be printed and provided to your employer. Below is a list of the different types of background checks that an employer may decide to use before they give you employment at their company.

Employer Background Check Types

  • Employment Application Accuracy Check

This is one of the rarest types of background checks, but it is one that, if used, will unveil almost all of the places you lied on the application. It will show your salary, your tasks, etc. It is a good idea not to lie on your resume due to the small chance they use this type of background check.

  • Criminal Record

You may have forgotten to put that you robbed a bank on your resume, but don’t worry! Employers will find out for themselves when they run a criminal records check. Probably not a good idea to apply to any jobs in finance.

  • DMV Records

Some jobs involve driving. Your employer may check your DMV records. You should probably not have 10 outstanding speeding tickets. It’s bad.

  • Credit Checks

It doesn’t happen as much anymore, but employers are allowed to check your credit. Credit checks tell the employer how good you are with money, and that may play a role in your ability to hold down a job. Buying those expensive shoes and purposely skipping out on your bill is not a good sign that you can be responsible.

  • Calling Your Bosses

Not all background checks are on pieces of paper. Your employer can also call your old bosses and find out if you truly did the things you claim you did. That is why it is a good idea not to lie – not only will the employer not hire you, but your old employer will probably not think too highly of you either.

Checking Your Background Checks

The only way to prepare for a background check is to collect all of these documents yourself and ensure that they are accurate. You cannot change things that are true, but you can remove the things that are not.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Big brother is watching.

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