5 Things Great Communicators Do Every Day

JANUARY 4, 2017 | BY LIA
Things Great Communicator Do

“Excellent communication skills” is more than a tired cliché people place on their resumes. It’s an actual core competency, often referred to as a soft skill, which helps people significantly in their career.

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Being a great communicator is not something that simply happens overnight. Those that are great communicators work on it regularly, sometimes without even realising it.

The following are some of the habits that great communicators have that help them remain great communicators throughout their personal and professional life.

Habits of Great Communicators

They Say Hello – To Everyone

Great communicators do their best to talk to everyone. They say hello to people that they walk by on the street. They have a quick chat with the company receptionist every morning. They ask the barista at their coffee shop how their day is going. They thank people for opening the door. They go out of their way to make sure that they are always willing to talk, even when others remain silent and because if that they are also memorable.

They Always Remain Positive

Excellent communicators do not spend that much time complaining. They want to attract people with positivity. By staying positive, they help attract others to opening up to them, which in turn makes it easier for them to communicate.

They Listen

The best communicators actively listen to others. They are not thinking of their response before the conversation is finished, or listen only so that they can talk about themselves. They want to truly hear and understand the other person, so that they know what to say and so that they understand the person better.

They Prioritize Their Friendships

You may ask – why would someone’s friendships have any effect on someone’s ability to communicate in the workplace? It’s because studies have shown that those that feel very close to their friends are more confident in their social interactions, including their interactions with clients, coworkers, and bosses. Staying close to friends can help you communicate better professionally.

They Care For Themselves

Similarly, building confidence in every possible way can help you communicate well with others. Excellent communicators know this, which is why they dress their best, they sleep, they drink water, and they otherwise take care of their health and wellness in a way that helps them feel good about themselves. Self-doubt breeds poor communication, so taking care of yourself can make a big impact


Do What the Great Communicators Do

Those that are already great communicators may not even know that they’re doing these things. But these habits most certainly help them continue to communicate effectively. Try to integrate them in your life, and you may see your own workplace communication skills improve.

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