5 Secret Tips To Really Impress Your Interviewer

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Secret Tips To Impress Your Interviewer

If you have been invited in for a job interview then you are already doing something right. You have presented yourself well on paper and now you need to follow that through in person. To really impress your interviewer you need to do your homework, present the best possible version of you and most importantly start strong.

Interviewers form an opinion about you in the first 10 seconds of meeting you and they pretty much make up their mind about your suitability for the job in the first 10 minutes. It’s true, it’s all in our post – How First Impressions Work and How To Use Them. You need to do more than just get the first 10 minutes right, you need to nail every step of the job interview.

5 Secret Tips To Really Impress Your Interviewer

Research Everything

It goes without saying that you must thoroughly prepare for any job interview. If you really want to impress at your next job interview, you need to make sure you thoroughly:

Research the company, its values and mission. See our post on how to thoroughly research any company and work through the checklist.

Research the role and be clear about how your skills and experiences match the job specifications.

Research the industry and the competitive set and understand where potential growth could come from.

Research the actual interviewer on linkedIn and social media and see if you have any common connections.

Present Yourself Well

First impressions really matter when it comes to job interviews and few things impress an interviewer faster than a professional and sharp looking candidate.

Be careful of your body language especially things like your first handshake, eye contact, straight shoulders and posture.

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Always dress professionally even if you think the workplace is relatively casual. Download our Free eBook – How to Dress For Your Interview.

Remember to listen, not just talk.

Show enthusiasm for the company and the role.

Bring the Relevant Props

Show and tell works in the adult world too and walking into a job interview with relevant, professional and well prepared materials is a really smart move that will impress the interviewer because it makes you look proactive and saves the interviewer time.

Bring great answers to all the common interview questions especially the tougher behavioural questions which require specific work examples.

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Using the STAR Technique to Answer Interview Questions

Create a Personal Landing page which you can direct the interviewer too that contains all your key assets such as online resume, portfolio, work highlights, awards etc… See our post on The Best Digital Tools For A Great Portfolio & Personal Landing Page.

If appropriate, develop a work portfolio of your best samples. See our post on How to Create a Digital Portfolio for Your Job Interview.

Have a list of 5-8 really good questions to ask during the interview. Try and relate these back to the information you gathered during your research period.

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Create Your Selling points

In addition to being ready to answer all the key job interview questions, you also need to be ready to explain your key selling points to the interviewer. The key things to remember here are:

 Do not focus the bulk of your answer on what you want out of the job, focus more on what you can offer the company.

Have a short ‘elevator pitch’ ready  to start you off. This will present a succinct summary of your strengths and ambitions and set you up nicely to expand on things later on.

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Follow Up Promptly

Finally, make sure you follow up on the interview by sending a short thank you note to the interviewer. You would be surprised how many people forget to do this when they are interviewing for multiple roles and it really does make a difference to the way interviewers see you.

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If you want to really impress your interviewer then make sure you are well prepared for the job interview. The work you put in beforehand will help you come across as a stand out candidate during the interview.

It can also help to be prepared for a number of different interview situations. Have a look at the posts below so you don’t get caught off guard on the day.

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