5 New Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

DECEMBER 12, 2016 | BY LIA
Using LinkedIn For Job Search

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most powerful and most effective tools for finding new careers. Every day you’ll hear stories of professionals being snatched up by recruiters for some of the best local companies in your area.

But LinkedIn isn’t some magic portal for getting a job. While many people are able to successfully use it to find work, many try for years and fail. Luckily, there are dozens of different ways to try to get LinkedIn to work for you. The following are some new strategies you may not have tried yet that can help you attract attention or be offered new positions.

New Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find A Job

Create a Keyword-Laden Profile

Recruiters are actively searching for people that match roles that they have to fill. But in order to find you, they have to see that you have all of the skills and talents they’re looking for. If you fill your work history with key words and phrases, and use it like it is a long form resume, you may trigger some searches that help people find you.

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Be an Active Member of Groups

There are numerous industry related groups in LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to be a part of those groups. Interact, leave thoughtful feedback, and show you’re an expert. Those that make their presence felt are likely to be seen as difference makers at a company and are therefore the ones that are going to attract company attention.

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Make People “Owe” You

Give everyone that you like that has worked with you in the past a glowing endorsement, recommend them jobs that you think they will like, and more. The more active and helpful you are to others, the more they’ll go out of their way to return the favor in a way that can help you attract employers.

Follow the Recruitment Companies You Like

Take the time to follow key recruitment company profiles on LinkedIn. Many of them are run by hiring managers and staff. Comment on their work, talk about their innovation, learn more about them, and otherwise make your presence be known. Then, if you ever see a job you want to apply for, they’ll feel like they know you already.

Open Candidates

A brand new feature of LinkedIn was recently released, known as “Open Candidates.” It is a private feature that signals to recruiters that you are open to job opportunities if they are interested in you, and it allows them to know that you are available for more information. This is the newest feature of LinkedIn, and one that is great for active job seekers who both are and are not currently employed.

In addition to these strategies, the previous LinkedIn strategies are still successful – regularly search for job advertisements, add people to grow your network, connect with people that are hiring, and make sure that you’re maintaining an active and professional profile that is written for the jobs you plan to apply to.

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LinkedIn is a great tool for finding work, but while some people get lucky, most have to make sure that they’re putting in the work necessary to attract recruiters and put themselves in a great position to get the job. Consider the above tips, and keep active to find a new career via LinkedIn.



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