3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups for Your Job Search

DECEMBER 29, 2016 | BY LIA
Using LinkedIn Groups For Job Search

LinkedIn is such a critical part of the job search process which is why it’s important to discuss an often forgotten feature of LinkedIn – Groups. Groups are primarily seen as a way to get industry news, but if you use them correctly they can also assist you with your job search.

There are many different types of LinkedIn groups, but most are industry specific groups with a shared skill or cause, such as “Data Mining and Statistics” or “Warehouse Professionals” or “Test Engineering News.” Some are places where people can discuss specific careers, while others are places where people discuss innovation, mergers, etc.

If you’re looking for a job, there are many different ways that you can use LinkedIn groups to attract employers and recruiters.

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups for Your Job Search

Commenting with Long, Detailed Thoughts

Be impressive. Experts say that you should comment often on posted articles, but if you have limited time it is more important to post one, long, thoughtful response. This strategy makes people interested in your “take” and make them want to learn more about you as a professional. This gives you a chance to show you have unique thoughts and talents.

Contribute Your Own Articles

Pay attention to trends and news and, if you see an article that you know is especially interesting, post it in the group and add your thoughts on what you read. Posting interesting, controversial, or relatable information is a great way to get people interested in your abilities.

Connect With People You Speak to Often

Eventually, you’ll notice other people interacting that are also commenting on the same types of articles. You may even find that you “get to know them” in the sense that you are regulars that often discuss things with each other and recognize each other’s names. If that occurs, there is nothing wrong with adding them to expand your network. Just make sure that you send them a nice message to indicate that you appreciate their contributions.


LinkedIn Groups are yet another useful tool for expanding your job search and gaining the interest of recruiters. The more you use them correctly, the better your chances of attracting an employer and showing that you’re an expert in the field that is worth their hire.

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