3 Ways to Improve Your Second Interview Chances

MARCH 7, 2011 | BY MICAH
Second Interview

Second interviews are a great sign for an applicant. They imply to the interviewer that you are very likely to get the job, and all you have left to do is improve on the impression you made at the first interview by keeping to what you know and using the tools you have already learned.

However, second interviews do not guarantee employment. You still need to try your best to succeed, and impress all of the people you meet with. Below are three different types for improving your chances of winning the job at the second interview.

Second Interview Tips

  • Use What You Have Learned

You have gone through a first round of interviews, so there is a high probability you know more about the company than you did previously. Take what you have learned and figure out new ways to impress the interviewers, using the knowledge that you have. This means take what you have learned about the company and find stories from your past that will impress the people that work within that company. See also – How to Thoroughly Research a Company. 

  • Brush Up on Technical Knowledge

If your first round of interviews was with a human resources manager or someone whose job it is to interview for all positions within the company, then your second interview is very likely to be conducted by someone within the department that you are going to work. That means that they have more technical knowledge of the field, and are likely to quiz you on that knowledge. Try to re-study the skills you will need to have so that you can easily answer their questions. Make sure you know the exact job requirements and expectations, then you can describe all the experiences you have had which address the exact needs of the role.

  • Plan For Your Job

Now that you are almost in the position, your ability to do your job from day one is going to be tested. It is a good idea to have a plan ready for what you are going to do once you start work, including how quickly you are going to try to be trained, if you have any great ideas (if you are in a position that allows you to have great ideas) and anything else related to your first few months working.

Second interviews are different than to the first interview, but if you are well prepared, you can vastly improve your ability to get the job. Make sure you are very familiar with all the Second Interview Questions you are likely to be asked and run lots of mock interviews at home.


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