15 Common Teacher Interview Questions

MARCH 31, 2011 | BY MICAH

If we assume the premise that children are the future, it is probably also a good idea to assume that you should not hire someone for a teaching job if they have no idea what they are doing. Kids are messed up as it is. There is no reason to make the future a terrible place by giving them a teacher that is completely incompetent and unfit for teaching.

How do you filter out those that may not be ready to teach? Why, you ask them teaching interview questions, of course! So to prepare you for these questions so that you can con the interviewer into thinking you have some idea of what you are doing, here are 15 potential interview questions for teaching jobs.

Sample Teaching Job Interview Questions

  • How comfortable are you teaching in a diverse classroom?
  • How would you handle a particularly unruly student?
  • How do you develop your lesson plan?
  • How to you keep students interested in the subject matter?
  • What do you do to address diverse student needs?
  • What makes you feel you are a suitable instructor for [age group]?
  • How do you teach the subject matter to students that have fallen behind in class?
  • What are your greatest strengths as an instructor?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses as an instructor?
  • What teaching materials do you most often use besides a textbook?
  • What experiences have you had that lead you to believe you would make a good teacher?
  • How do you feel about giving a student a failing grade?
  • What did you apply for [school]?
  • How do you evaluate a student’s progress throughout the school year?
  • Parents have complained that you grade their child unfairly. What do you do?

Creating Your Own Questions

As usual, it is important that you also generate your own questions based on your expectations of the school, the job description, the subject matter, the age group and region, etc. There are many questions that an employer may ask, so use the above list and come up with possible questions of your own.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Prepare for teaching interview questions.
  • Use the above list and create your own interview questions.

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