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4 Steps to Make Sure You Get a First Interview

AUGUST 26, 2015 | BY LIA
How to get a First Interview

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.   Milton Berle  If the opportunity of a new job doesn’t seem to be knocking on your door lately it’s most likely because you have not built enough doors. If your job search routine consists of sending off some resumes and sitting back and waiting for a call,[…]
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How to Prepare For a Panel Interview

AUGUST 25, 2015 | BY LIA
Preparing For A Panel Interview

There is no doubt that panel interviews make people more nervous than the traditional one on one interview situation. You only have to think about the looks on the faces of ‘The Voice’ contestants to know it’s really scary being judged by a group of people all at once who are judging your abilities in[…]
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3 Proven Ways You Can Use Logic to Problem Solve at Work

AUGUST 23, 2015 | BY LIA
Using Logic to Problem Solve

Common sense by definition should be something that’s…well common amongst all people. It usually is but every now and then an employer hires someone without a lot of it. You can bet they are very careful with the next person they hire. They will look for people who can use their judgement and can identify[…]
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Using the STAR Technique to Answer Interview Questions

AUGUST 19, 2015 | BY LIA
STAR method of answering interview questions

Behavioral Interview Questions are a very common part of most job interviews. These questions are based on the belief that by understanding your past actions and behaviors an employer can reasonably predict what your future actions will be. The employer is looking for patterns and trends in your behavior and then considering if they match up[…]
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Show You Can Juggle More Than One Project at a Time

AUGUST 17, 2015 | BY LIA
Juggling More Than One Project At A Time

When it comes to other people’s deadlines – especially those that are above you in the workplace hierarchy – their deadlines become your deadlines, and no matter how much work you put into another project, you’ll be asked (or expected) to drop what you’re doing and help them with what they ask. That can be[…]
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