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How to Answer – What is the Biggest Work Related Problem You Have Faced?

JULY 26, 2015 | BY LIA
Work Related Problems & Solutions

Everyone faces problems in the workplace, it’s how we deal with them that matters most. The problems you faced at your old workplace actually tell future employers a lot about your problem solving strategies and abilities. You can expect that some employers – especially those that consider themselves high stress, or those that are replacing[…]
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3 Things You Must Say About Your Transition From High School To University

JULY 21, 2015 | BY LIA
Transition from High School to University

If you’re a younger job applicant, many of the job interview questions you will face will be about college. After all, college represents a very big part of your resume. You won’t have as much real life experience, you won’t have as much knowledge. What you have is your college experience, and so companies are[…]
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4 Ways to Tell Colleagues They Made a Mistake

JULY 14, 2015 | BY LIA
Telling a Colleague they made a mistake

At interviews, the best type of employee is the one that helps other employees succeed. When problems arise, employers want to see that you know how to deal with the problem, and that you use your problem solving skills to handle it yourself without being a tattle tale. Behavioral Interview Question: Give me an example[…]
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How to Show You Can Manage the Stress of Time Pressures

JULY 13, 2015 | BY LIA
Stress of Time Pressures

FINISH READING THIS BLOG POST IN THE NEXT15 SECONDS! That kind of pressure really makes people uncomfortable, and businesses know it. But the reality of most business environments is that individual deadlines, project team pressures and shifting goal posts are all part of a normal days work.  That means that you’re going to be put[…]
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