• Confident young business woman

    How to Dress for Your Interview

    Many hiring managers believe that you should always dress your best no matter the workplace environment.

  • Stand Out Resume

    How to Get Your Resume to Stand Out

    There is a difference between having a well read resume and having a resume that actually is “good.”

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How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out 

FEBRUARY 21, 2017 | BY LIA
Stand Out Cover Letter

Many people take hours perfecting their resume but only a few minutes creating a great cover letter. That’s because cover letters are fairly boring. They have a very set structure that most people need to follow, and most of the words are decided for you – with the introduction sharing where you found the job,[…]
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The Best Way To Contact A Recruiter On LinkedIn

FEBRUARY 20, 2017 | BY LIA
Contacting Recruiters on LinkedIn

We’re all familiar with the traditional job search process. You look for relevant job openings, you send in a resume and cover letter, you hope that you hear a response, and perhaps you get a first interview interview. But a smaller and smaller percentage of jobs are being found this way. Many new jobs are[…]
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How to Pull Yourself Up Through a Rough Job Search

FEBRUARY 14, 2017 | BY LIA
Surviving A Difficult Job Search

Very few of us are offered the first job we apply to during our job search period. For most people it is a 6-12 month job search process and it can be hard to stay positive during this time. Even though the job search proecss can be tough the truth is there are always jobs available, and[…]
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The Second Interview: 5 Key Questions to Ask

Second Interview Questions To Ask

Getting through to a second round job interview is great news for you as a job search candidate. It means you performed extremely well at the first job interview and made it through to the short list of people scheduled for a second interview. It also means you need to be quite impressive during the[…]
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How to Think Like a Hiring Manager & Land the Job

How To Think Like A Hiring Manager

Every interviewer is different which is why it is important to try and put  yourself in the mind of the hiring manager and anticipate what it is that they want to hear. Every stage of the job search process should be done with this in mind. You have to consider what the person in charge of[…]
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8 Reasons to Build Your Personal Website ASAP

Reasons To Build A Personal Website

Personal websites are quickly becoming a popular way for job seekers to improve their chances of landing a job. Any time you apply for a job, a good hiring manager is going to do their research, looking for all of the information they can about you before deciding if you are someone they want to[…]
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