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Emotional Intelligence – The Most Important Leadership Skill

MAY 19, 2015 | BY LIA
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional intelligence is a term that is quite popular at the moment but what does it mean? It refers to your ability to manage your own emotions and the emotions of others around you. Your level of emotional intelligence will impact on many, if not all, aspects of your daily life. It affects the way[…]
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The Only 4 Apps You Need to Increase Job Search Success

MAY 17, 2015 | BY LIA
Apps You Need to Increase Job Search Success

According to the Pew Research Centres 2015 Report on smartphone usage in the US, Smartphones are used for much more than calling, texting, or basic internet browsing. In fact, 43% of smart phone owners used their phone to look up information about a job and another 18% used their phone to submit a job application. And[…]
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How to Answer – What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?

MAY 12, 2015 | BY LIA
Which Companies Are You Interviewing With

We all like to checkout the competition and future employers are no different. What other companies are you interviewing with is a very common job interview question that you need to have thought about as part of your job interview preparation. For some reason this question seems to make people more nervous than other job[…]
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The Top 5 Leadership Skills You Need to Have

MAY 5, 2015 | BY LIA
Leadership Skills

Leadership means different things to different people since it exists in some form or another in every aspect of life. Leadership exists in the workplace, the political arena, in religion, in social setting and even at home. As such, individuals develop leadership skills constantly throughout their life and like anything else, leadership skills continue to[…]
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